Colin Laville
Post-doctoral researcher
Dr. at PSL in 2017

Main project: Numerical modeling of growth and remodeling in stented arteries
Funding: ARC
Supervisor(s): Laurent Delannay

The project aims to predict the evolution of the radial contraction of stented arteries using a continuum mechanics model, with application to bio-resorbable stent development. The capture of the stress state evolution in the artery wall requires a material model that includes:

- the modeling of the main constituents such as collagen, elastin and smooth muscles ;

- time dependent evolution such as growth and structural remodeling.

Some developed tools are also used to predict fracture in bended stainless steels.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Biomedical engineering
Solid mechanics


Research group(s): MEMA


Recent publications

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Conference Papers

1. Miotti Bettanini, Alvise; Laville, Colin; Mithieux, Jean-Denis; Parrens, Coralie; Jacques, Pascal; Pardoen, Thomas; Delannay, Laurent. Ductile to brittle failure transition under bending deformation of martensitic stainless steels.