Mohamed Ansriou
PhD student
Ing. at ECAM in 2015

Main project: Influence of imperfections on the static and dynamic responses of piles
Funding: Franki Foundations Belgium
Supervisor(s): Alain Holeyman

Today, many ways to design piles exist. Usually, the adopted method depends on the country where the piles are installed. Although the approach and the philosophy of design may vary, all design methods have one point in common: they all assume that “ideal” circumstances are fulfilled in the soil and in the pile itself. For example, most designers will assume that all soil layers are horizontal, that the founding conditions are identical below all piles, and that all piles in a group are flawless, elastic, and of equal geometry. The effects of the construction processes on the piles are also neglected most of the time. The proposed research has as main objective the examination of the possible effect of those imperfections on pile behavior. A part of the study will thus focus on field methods able to identify anomalies in piles and to qualify those anomalies as defaults, inasmuch they have an unacceptable influence on the pile behavior. Those studies should help designers identify and understand in what measure anomalies than can affect piles after their execution.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Civil and environmental engineering

soil mechanics

Research group(s): GCE