Raphael Janssens
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Funding: Inno Indigo (FNRS)
Supervisor(s): Patricia Luis Alconero

This research project aims to develop an advance oxidation process able to remove anti-cancer drugs from wastewaters. Therefore wastewaters from Beligum, Portugal and India will be analyzed and compared in term of drug concentration. Then drug removal efficiencies of different separation and oxidation processes will be studied: membrane filtration, chemical oxidation, photocatalysis and electro-oxidation. The compounds will be spiked in different matrices: pure water, drinking water, surface water and wastewater biologically treated. First results indicate that the water matrix has an important influence on the treatment efficiency.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Civil and environmental engineering
Chemical engineering

membrane technology
reaction engineering
process intensification

Research group(s): IMAP
Collaborations: IBEt (Portugal), NIT Durgapur (India), Maharshi Dayanand University (India)