Frédéric Bourgois

Research group(s): TFL

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Conference Papers

1. Damon, Jean Philippe; Bacq, Alexandre; Berger, Benjamin; Dubois, Paul; Bourgois, Frédéric; Jeanmart, Hervé. Environmental benefits with used railway sleepers fueling Xylowatt's NOTAR Gasification technology. In: European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings, 2012, 978-88-89407-54-7. doi:10.5071/20thEUBCE2012-2BV.2.9.

2. Berger, Benjamin; Peregrina, Carlo; Bacq, Alexandre; Saidi, Fethi; Bourgois, Frédéric; Jeanmart, Hervé. Experimental investigation of sewage sludge gasification using a two-stage fixed bed downdraft gasifier. In: Fourth International Symposium on Energy From Biomass and Waste proceedings, 2012, 978-88-6265-006-9.

3. Jeanmart, Hervé; Bourgois, Frédéric; Bacq , Alexandre; Kuborn, Xavier. Impact of the pyrolysis quality on the tar concentration in the syngas of a new low-tar gasifier.