Raul Alfonso Bahamonde Soria
PhD student
Master of Science, 2011, Mexico UNAM

Main project: Removal of azo dyes in textile wastewater using MFC and membrane technology
Supervisor(s): Patricia Luis Alconero

The growing world population has increased the problem in the field of environmental pollution, one of the most alarming problems is the pollution of water due to industries, among which one of the largest is the textile industry. This wastewater contains azo dyes which are classified as one of the most difficult compounds to degrade. These dyes can cause very serious environmental problems due to their great stability in environmental conditions (long time it takes to degrade) and its high toxicity for certain aquatic microorganisms. There are several methods of degradation of azo dyes, some very innovative among which are microbial fuel cells, advanced oxidation processes and filtration membranes, as can be seen in the literature, most of the research is focused in attacking the particular problem, but not many efforts have been made together.
The main objective of this project is to increase the potential of these technologies, microbial fuel cells and photocatalytic membrane reactors for an efficient treatment of textile wastewater, on the other hand the modification of osmotic membranes will improve the anti-fouling characteristics as well as a greater durability of membrane filtration systems and photocatalytic membrane reactors to obtain a fast and efficient system when degrading these toxic compounds.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Chemical engineering

electrochemical engineering
membrane technology

Research group(s): IMAP