Adermus Joseph
PhD student


Research group(s): GCE

Recent publications

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Journal Articles

1. Joseph, Adermus; Gonomy, Nyankona; Zech, Yves; Soares Frazao, Sandra. Modelling and analysis of the flood risk at Cavaillon City, Haiti. In: La Houille Blanche, Vol. 2018, no.2, p. 68-75 (2018). doi:10.1051/lhb/2018020.

Conference Papers

1. Joseph, Adermus; Mathieu, Gerardson; Gonomy, Nyankona; Carlier d'Odeigne, Olivier; Zech, Yves; Soares Frazao, Sandra. HOW TO CHARACTERIZE THE RESILIENCE OF CITIES IN A DISADVANTAGED ENVIRONMENT? AN EXAMPLE IN HAITI.

2. Joseph, Adermus; Nyankona Gonomy; Zech, Yves; Soares Frazao, Sandra. MODELLING AND ANALYSIS OF THE FLOOD RISK AT CAVAILLON CITY, HAITI. In: Advances in Hydroinformatics - SimHydro 2017 - Choosing The Right Model in Applied Hydraulics (Springer Water), Springer: Singapore, 2017, 978-981-10-7217-8. doi:10.1007/978-981-10-7218-5.

3. Carlier d'Odeigne, Olivier; Joseph, Adermus; Gonomy, N.; Zech, Yves; Soares Frazao, Sandra. Flow modelling and investigation of flood scenarios on the Cavaillon River, Haiti. In: 4th IAHR Europe Congress, Liège, Belgium. In: Fourth European Congress of IAHR, 2016, 978-1-138-02977-4, p. 102-107.