Grégoire Thunis

Funding: UCL Research Assistant
Supervisor(s): Joris Proost

Green hydrogen will play a key role in decarbonizing the chemical industry, storing green electricity, or even in the way we heat ourselves. But there is still some way to go to improve the sector's capacities and reduce production costs.

HyFlux is a spin-off project of UCLouvain that aims to enable the large-scale development of green hydrogen. To achieve this, HyFlux significantly increases the productivity of alkaline water electrolysis cell stacks by using innovative patented technology. This increased productivity in turn reduces the CAPEX of electrolysers and therefore ultimately the cost of hydrogen production.

HyFlux's innovative technology is based on the use of three-dimensional electrodes, forced electrolyte flow and pulsed electrical power. The technology, already demonstrated at the lab scale, is being integrated on an industrial scale pilot. This successful integration will be a key milestone in convincing our future customers, electrolyzer manufacturers, to collaborate with us and purchase our electrodes. I am working on the industrialisation of our technology and the successful development of our project.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Chemical engineering

electrochemical engineering
energy storage
hydrogen production
process intensification

Research group(s): IMAP