Arnaud Rouanet
PhD student
Ir. at UCLouvain in 2015

Main project: Improvement of gas quality in small-scale biomass gasification facilities through steam injection
Funding: FEDER
Supervisor(s): Hervé Jeanmart

Biomass, as a renewable fuel, can be converted in a gasifier to produce a synthetic gas that is easier to transport and has a wider range of applications than solid biomass, including bio-fuels, chemicals or energy production.
In order to improve the quality of the produced gases, we will investigate how steam can be used instead of air as the oxidizing agent, to limit the syngas dilution with inert nitrogen and increase its heating value. The project will focus on improving an existing small-scale two-stage gasification unit owned by UCLouvain, on which ad-hoc modifications will be brought and experimental campaigns will be performed.
Theoretical calculations and literature reviews will be performed to confirm and precise the potential for improvement of syngas composition. The design and ideal location of steam injection points will be studied, and experiments will be conducted on the modified gasifier to complement the theoretical calculations. Advanced tools and methods will be used for the characterisation of the syngas composition, to increase the accuracy of the experimental results. Finally, a numerical model of the gasification process will possibly come as complement for a more accurate prediction and confirmation of the experimental results.
This research project will take place in the frame of the project ENERBIO, in collaboration with ULB, UMons and CRA-W.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Fluid mechanics
Chemical engineering

energy harvesting
hydrogen production

Research group(s): TFL


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Conference Papers

1. Rouanet, Arnaud. Experimental study of the effects of steam injection on the quality of syngas from two-stage downdraft wood gasification. 2022 xxx.