Nicolas Dimov
PhD student
Ir. at ENSMA in 2018

Main project: On the joining of metallic materiels through means of friction
Funding: Thales France
Supervisor(s): Aude Simar

IMMC main research direction(s):
Processing and characterisation of materials

electron microscopy
fracture mechanics
metallic alloys
microstructure-processing relationships
welding and joining

Research group(s): IMAP
Collaborations: Eric Charkaluk - LMS

Recent publications

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Conference Papers

1. Dimov, Nicolas; Weisz-Patrault, Daniel; Tanguy, Alexandre; Sapanathan, Thaneshan; Benoist, Julien; Charkaluk, Eric; Simar, Aude. Fatigue life of dissimilar 6061/7071 FSW joints : characterization by means of fractography. 2021 xxx.

2. Dimov, Nicolas; Sapanathan, Thaneshan; Simar, Aude; Charkaluk, Eric; Benoist, Julien. Local damage behaviour of friction stir-welded AA6061 /AA7075 under fatigue and static loading. 2021 xxx.

3. Dimov, Nicolas; Charkaluk, Eric; Sapanathan, Thaneshan; Simar, Aude; Vasquez, Elodie; Benoist, Julien. Soudage dissimilaire AA6061 /AA7075 : identification de la fenêtre de paramètres procédé, microstructures et essais statiques. 2021 xxx.

4. Dimov, Nicolas; Sapanathan, Thaneshan; Charkaluk, Eric; Simar, Aude; Benoist, Julien. Study of dissimilar metallic assembly through friction stir welding & friction melt bonding. 2019 xxx.