Muralidhar Reddy Gudimetla
PhD student
Ir. at TU Delft, The Netherlands in October 2013

Main project: Finite strain modelling of polymers and continuous fiber reinforced composites
Funding: F.R.S - F.N.R.S funded Research Project
Supervisor(s): Issam Doghri

The main thesis goal is to efficiently integrate the constitutive models of resin, fiber and fiber/matrix interface into a mulit-scale approach to predict the behavior of an uni-directional carbon-epoxy composite ply. This would require an efficient constitutive model for the resin/polymer which would address the experimentally observed features like strain-rate, temperature and pressure-dependency. So, an isotropic thermodynamically based fully coupled viscoelastic-viscoplastic model formulated under finite strain transformations was developed considering isothermal conditions, which is further extended to an anisotropic version suitable for structural composites. This model would be implemented in a multi-scale approach, with corresponding models for fiber and fiber/matrix interface, to predict softening/degradation in an uni-directional composite ply.

IMMC main research direction(s):
Computational science
Processing and characterisation of materials
Solid mechanics

finite elements
fracture mechanics

Research group(s): MEMA
Collaborations: Prof. Ludovic Noels, ULg, Belgium