Pierre-Alexandre Beaufort
Post-doctoral researcher
Dr. (UCLouvain & ULiège, 2019): Parameterizations for Mesh Generation: Discrete Atlases, Crossfields and 3D Frames

Funding: ARC - WAVES Project 15/19-03
Supervisor(s): Jean-François Remacle

The aim of the 'ARC WAVES project 15/19-03' was to perform seismic migration from nonstandard geometries, i.e. geometries that are not defined properly; typically, computer aided-design (CAD) is not available.
My thesis was one part of this project: enabling mesh generation on those nonstandard geometries.
The challenge is to deal with a class of geometries which is a nightmare for numerical computations.
Information has to be recovered in order to produce high quality mesh, such as full quadrangles (2D) and dominant hexahedra (3D).
Surface parameterization enables mesh generation, while crossfields and 3D frames guide quadrangulations and hexahedrizations (respectively).

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IMMC main research direction(s):
Computational science

finite elements
mesh generation

Research group(s): MEMA
Collaborations: Christophe Geuzaine, ULiège (Monfiore/ACE)


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1. Beaufort, Pierre-Alexandre. Parameterizations for mesh generation : discrete atlases, crossfields and 3D frames, prom. : Remacle, Jean-François ; Geuzaine, Christophe, 11/12/2019.