Good news for one of the GCE Ph.D. students!


The F.R.S.-FNRS recently released the list of applicants that had the chance to receive a fellowship and it appears Robin Meurice is one of them, thanks to his application entitled "Combining bed-load and suspended load sediment transport for the modelling of morphological evolution of rivers following transient events such as dam flushing operations". Robin was already carrying out his research under Sandra Soares-Frazão's supervision at UCLouvain for the academic year 2019-2020, but his FSR fellowship was about to end in December 2020. The approval of his application to the FNRS is thus a great relief !

Thanks to this fellowship, Robin will have the possibility to bring his research a step further. This first year as a Ph.D. student showed good promises with the publication of a first article in the Journal of Hydroinformatics as a key milestone. This paper, entitled "A 2D HLL-based weakly coupled model for transient flows on mobile beds" mainly discusses the performance of bedload models to simulate transient flows such as those following dam-break events. Now, Robin is developing a two-phase model, considering sediment as a distinct phase from the water, coupled with a two-layer model, already developed by the Hydraulics team led by Sandra Soares-Frazão. Afterwards, this model will be tested against experimental measurements taken at the LEMSC and in-situ measurements gathered during a research stay at IRSTEA in Lyon, France.

Published on July 13, 2020