Honeywell and ZoneFlow Reactor Technology to Collaborate on Breakthrough Structured Catalyst for Hydrogen Production and on Reactive Testing in ZFRT’s Large-Scale Pilot Plant at UCLouvain


Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) and ZoneFlow Reactor Technologies, LLC today announced a joint agreement to commercialize ZoneFlow™ Reactor Technology. This technology promises to provide a step-change improvement in the efficiency and carbon intensity of steam methane reforming for the production of hydrogen. When coupled with Honeywell H[2] Solutions’ carbon capture for hydrogen production, the ZoneFlow technology will make low-carbon hydrogen production more efficient and less expensive.

The ZoneFlow Reactor, a structured catalyst module that replaces conventional catalyst pellets in SMR tubes, provides far superior heat transfer and pressure drop performance. UOP and ZFRT will cooperate in conducting reactive testing in ZFRT’s large-scale pilot plant at Université Catholique de Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium. The reactive testing will validate the expected 15% increase in throughput over conventional catalyst pellet systems. Results from the pilot plant testing are expected to be available by mid-2022.

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Published on November 05, 2021