Project WakeOpColl (ERC)

IMMC Louvain-La-Neuve

 The WakeOpColl project suggests adopting a biomimetic approach for the control collaborative and optimized by devices which interact via their trails within turbulent sellings. Both applications studied in this project are well known of the public:

  1. in the fields of winf turbines, marchines upstream produce déventées zones who are going to penaliza machines swallow
  2. in aeronautics, the portance generated by a plane leads to a pair of whirlwinds, this trail is potentially a danger for a plane follower, but also an advantage which is exploited during formation flying.

The approach to WakeOpColl bases itself on the simple observation that alive systems, which learn of themselves their organization or their control, show an inaccessible efficiency and a robustness for plans of classic control. Thus the studied devices are going to be provided with an individual artificial intelligence: they will have the capacity to learn how to benefit from the ambient turbulent flow. For a system of these devices, we shall also want instiguer a collective intelligence, through interactions, through social type for example, which leads to the emergence of a collaborative behavior which optimizes the functioning of the group in its entirety.

Published on June 08, 2017