Objectives and missions


iMMC LogoThe research objective of the Institute is to design, implement, and understand macroscopic systems in engineering technology. This research combines experimentation, mathematical modeling and numerical simulation. Recognizing the strong interaction between the various disciplines of engineering, the Institute provides an environment where inter-disciplinary research can flourish and thus contribute to sustainable and economically-viable development.

The central mission is to combine fundamental research and industrial applications while excelling in both. In the first case, publications, peer recognition, and international prizes are the indicators of quality, while in the second case, innovation, patents, and spinoffs are the indicators. Only institutes of critical size can meet this challenge by providing adequate scientific expertise and technical resources. We believe we can offer a unique research training environment for students, as well as be a partner of choice for businesses that work in high-technology niches.

From a pratical point of view, it is critical to :

  • Share the best technologies, this requires the coordination of everyone involved in the institute
  • Find funding mechanisms to initiate new and innovative projects
  • Decompartmentalize research groups
  • Strengthen relationships with the competitiveness clusters MecaTech and SkyWin, as well as with the major Wallon industries and research centres (CENAERO)
  • Put these goals within a framework of quality, mindful of human relations