Open positions


Career Opportunities:

    PhD vacancy in Biomechanics

      Topic: Experimental biomechanical characterization of intravascular stents
      Start date & duration: January 2018 – 2 year grant (could be extended to 4)
      More information: click here (pdf)

    PhD vacancy in the research group ‘Development of eco-efficient processes for sustainable industrial chemical and biochemical engineering’, led by Prof. Patricia Luis (CDD - full time)

      Topic: Biomimetic fixation of CO2 using membrane technology and amino acids solutions
      Start date & duration: 4-year PhD grant, starting on 1st January 2018, in the framework of a ERC Starting Grant
      More information: click here (pdf)

    PhD researcher position (CDD - full time)

      Topic: Modeling and simulation of autothermal Chemical Looping Reforming (a‐CLR)
      Start date & duration: September/October 2017 – 3 year position (can be extended to 4)
      More information: click here (pdf)

    More carrer opportunities (from our poles)

    Jobs in MEMA (2) : see this page