Bartosiewicz Yann Research Group


Members of the Research Team

  • Michele Di Matteo, doctoral student
    Large eddy simulation of supersonic ejector, including condensation
  • Vincenzo Scappaticci, doctoral student

Collaborative theses

  • Matilde Fiore, doctoral student
    - co adviser VKI

External theses

  • Marco De Lorenzzo, Ecole Polytechnique X, Paris et EDF
    Modeling of critical two-phase flows
  • Katrien Van Tichelen, KUL (co-adviser prof. William D'haeseleer et SCK.CEN)
    Nuclear thermal-hydraulics of liquid metals

Past members

  • Yu Fang,
    Advanced Numerical Simulations of Two-Phase CO2 Ejectors (completed October 2019) - co-adviser prof. Sébastien Poncet, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Sophia Buckingham,
    Prandtl number effects on heat transfer in abruptly separated flows : LES and experiments on an unconfined backward facing step flow (completed August 2018) - co-adviser
    prof. G. Winckelmans and Jeroen Van Beek of VKI
  • Amel Hemedi
  • François Henry
    Experimental and modelling investigations on droplet entrainment in a PWR hot leg under stratified flow conditions (completedAugust 2016) - co-adviser Ir. M. Valette (CEA)
  • Olivier Lamberts,
    Choking and mixing phenomena in supersonic ejectors (completed September 2018) - co-adviser
    prof. Philippe Chatelain
  • Gaël Lorieul,
    Development and validation of a 2D Vortex Particle-Mesh method for incompressible multiphase flows (completed August 2018) - co-adviser
    prof. Philippe Chatelain)
  • Simon Vanmaercke,
    Secondary SCRAM system for liquid metal cooled nuclear reactors (competed February 2012) - co-adviser prof. William D'haeseleer

Postdoctoral research fellow

  • Dr. Marie Willemet