Chatelain Philippe Research Group

TFL Louvain-La-Neuve

Members of the Research Team

  • Pierre Balty, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. JF Remacle)
  • Caroline Bernier, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. R. Ronsse)
  • Philippe Billuart, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. G. Winckelmans)
  • Denis-Gabriel Caprace, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. G. Winckelmans)
  • Victor Colognesi, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. R. Ronsse)
  • Denis Dumoulin, doctoral student
  • Esteban Hufstedler, post-doc
  • Maxime Lejeune, doctoral student
  • Maud Moens, post-doc
  • Philippe Parmentier, doctoral student (co-advisor prof. G. Winckelmans)
  • Ignace Ranquin, doctoral student
  • James Riehl, post-doc


Collaborative theses

  • Bruno Dias, doctoral student, VKI (co-advisor prof. T. Magin, VKI)
  • Marion Coquelet, doctoral student, UMons (co-advisor prof. L. Bricteux)
  • Nicolas Coudou, doctoral student, UMons (co-advisor prof. L. Bricteux, UMons)
  • Joffrey Coheur, doctoral student, ULg (co-advisor prof. M. Aarnst, ULg)
  • David Henneaux, doctoral student, VKI (co-advisor Prof. T. Magin, VKI and Prof. L. Bricteux, UMons)


Research Group

In the fields of computational methods, High-Performance Computing, particle methods:

  • Prof. Petros Koumoutsakos, Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Laboratory, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Prof. Jens Honoré Walther, Mechanical Engineering, Tech. Univ. Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Prof. Grégoire Winckelmans, iMMC, UCL, Belgium
  • Prof. Anthony Leonard, Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories, California Institute of Technology, USA

In the field of biopropulsion:

  • Prof. Renaud Ronsse, iMMC, UCL, Belgium
  • Dr. Mattia Gazzola, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, USA

In the fields of wind energy, aerodynamics:

  • Dr. Torben Larsen, DTU Wind Energy, Tech. Univ. Denmark (DTU), Risoe, Denmark
  • Dr. Stefan Kern, Aerodynamics and Acoustics Lab - Munich, GE Global Research, Garching-bei-München, Germany
  • Marc Van Caillie, Laborelec, ENGIE, Linkebeek, Belgium

In the field of aircraft formation flying and vortex models:

  • Prof. Jeff Eldredge, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, UCLA, USA


Past members

  • Ariane Frère, CENAERO
    Towards wall-modeled Large-Eddy Simulations of high Reynolds number airfoils using a discontinuous Galerkin method (completed June 2018) - co-adviser prof. G. Winckelmans (UCL)
  • Thomas Gillis
    Accurate and efficient treatment of solid boundaries for the Vortex Particle-Mesh method (completed June 2019) - co-adviser prof. G. Winckelmans (UCL)
  • Gaël Lorieul
    Numerical simulation of free surface flow and heat transfer in liquid metal using vortex particle mesh method (completed August 2018) - co-advisor prof. Y. Bartosiewicz (UCL)
  • Yves Marichal,
    An immersed interface vortex particle-mesh method (completed September 2014) - co-advisor
    co-adviser prof. G. Winckelmans (UCL)
  • Maud Moens, post-doc UCLouvain
    Large eddy simulation of wind farm flows: improved actuator disk model and investigations of wake phenomena (completed Septembre 2018) - co-advisor
    co-adviser prof. G. Winckelmans (UCL)
  • Pierre Schrooyen, CENAERO
    Numerical simulation of thermal flows through ablative thermal protection systems (completed November 2015) - co-advisor prof. M. Papalexandris
  • Olivier Lamberts, 
    Numerical simulation and flow visualization of supersonic ejector (completed September 2018) - co-advisor prof. Y. Bartosiewicz (UCL)