Developmental neurobiology group



The laboratory of Developmental neurobiology (DENE) studies genes and proteins implicated in neural development, with a particular emphasis on planar cell polarity (PCP) genes Celsr1-3, and on Formins. Mutations in those genes have been induced in mice and their phenotypes are actively investigated using anatomical, biochemical, and cellular techniques, as well as in vitro culture systems.
Analysis of the mutant phenotypes provides clear hypotheses on the mechanisms of action of these proteins during neural development. They might at the long run help developing repair strategies for the injured and/or diseased nervous system.

Ongoing projects:

  1. Role of Celsr1 in neurogenesis and impact of its loss on cortical functions
  2. The fragile balance between proliferation and neoplasia in neural stem cells: Role of diaphanous 3 in glioblastoma

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