CEMO monthly seminar - Janne Hakanen

December 11, 2019


Gerty Cori room (Laennec tower) - Woluwe

CEMO is delighted to announce the seminars of the department that will be given by PhD student and Postdoc.

The seminar is followed by a lunch (kindly provided by the department) in order to allow everybody to interact and promote collaboration between labs.


12:00 - Neurogenesis and neuronal migration in postnatal brain: role of the Celsr3/Kif2a axis - Janne Hakanen (Developmental neurobiology group)


Brain development involves extensive migration of immature neurons, neuroblasts, which are able to migrate long distances to reach their final destinations. Neuroblast migration is characterized by continuous migratory cycles which progress in sequential manner. Neuroblast migratory cycle involves (i) extension of the cell leading process, (ii) migration of the cell organelles and (iii) somal translocation. This stepwise process requires constant and coordinated reorganization of the cell cytoskeleton. Celsr3 (Cadherin, EGF-like, Laminin G-like, Seven pass, G-type Receptor 3) is evolutionary conserved adhesion G protein–coupled transmembrane receptor belonging to planar cell polarity pathway. Celsr3 signals by homophilic and/or heterophilic interactions to coordinate intercellular polarity across the tissue plane. We found that Celsr3 interacts intracellularly with Kif2a (kinesin superfamily protein 2a). Kif2a, in turn, plays a critical role in the dynamics of the microtubule cytoskeleton. Both Celr3 and Kif2a affect neuroblast migration from the subventricular niche into the olfactory bulb via the rostral migratory stream. We have utilized time lapse imaging to assess the role of Celsr3 and Kif2a in neuroblast migration.

12:45 - Q&A session

13:00 - Lunch