Louise MANFRON's thesis public defense

June 11, 2021


Salle Couvreur (Woluwe, groundfloor Tower 73)

The PSP Faculty and the COSY Division are pleased to invite you to the public defence of Mrs Louise MANFRON

"Investigations of spatial and temporal aspects of visuo-nociceptive interactions"

Thesis presented in order to obtain the final qualification of :

Doctor of Psychological sciences and education

Promotor :

Professeur Valéry Legrain, UCLouvain/IoNS/IPSY, Secretary

Jury members :

Prof. André Mouraux, UCLouvain/IoNS/IPSY

Prof. Anne Berquin, UCLouvain/IoNS/IPSY

Prof. Olivier Collignon, UCLouvain/PSP/IPSY - President

Prof. Alessandro Farnè, Université Lyon 1, France

Dr Flavia Mancini, University of Cambridge, UK


The defence will be also reachable via Teams: Link to Teams meeting