Research divisions



The Institute of Neuroscience encompasses 3 research divisions. Experimental and clinical neuroscience research program are integrated within divisional groupings of Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience, Systems & Cognitive Neuroscience and Clinical Neuroscience allowing our research to span all of the different organisational levels of the nervous system.

IoNS  through its poles, aims at providing a high quality research environment in which long-term projetcs can be conducted that have the potential to truly advance our knowledge of normal brain function and enable treatments of neurological and psychiatric diseases.Therefore, the development of Neuroscience is a major challenge for our current society.


The understanding of cerebral functions

Right now, your brain and nervous system are busy making sense of this sentence — just one example of how basic the brain is to every function of your waking and sleeping life. If you are sighted, the nerve cells in your eyes are sensing the outline of the letters and transmitting the message from your eyes to your brain. (For Braille readers, nerves in the fingers send similar information from the skin up through the spinal cord to the brain.) About one fourth of the brain is involved in this visual processing, more than any other sense. The precise process of reading, like many other brain functions, is a topic of intense research by neuroscientists”.[The essential principles of neuroscience]