Legislation and regulations

When considering a research project involving experimentation(s) on the human person, researchers in the human sciences, particularly in psychology, must be attentive to different elements and must take certain steps about them.

They must submit their project for review by an Ethics Committee.
Experiments on the human person must be submitted, as the case may be, to a Medical Ethics Committee or to the Ethics Committee of the Institute for Research in Psychological Sciences (IPSY). The distinction is essentially based on the application or not of the law of 7 May 2004 on experiments on the human person (M.B., 18 May 2004).
For a guide in the choice of the appropriate Ethics Committee, see the note on the application of the law of 7 May 2004 on experiments on the human person

They must ensure that they are covered by civil liability insurance.
The Catholic University of Louvain has contracted a Civil Liability Insurance which covers, in many cases, the activity of IPSY researchers.
However, there are situations in which this is not the case, and it is therefore necessary for the researcher to take out additional insurance.
For more information, see the note on UCL Third Party Liability Insurance coverage for IPSY researchers

They must comply with an obligation to respect privacy in the processing of data.
A number of rules and procedures must be followed in research that collects and analyses data to identify the persons who provided them.
For a general overview of these rules and procedures, see the note on the protection of privacy with regard to the processing of personal data.