Commission on Ethics in Research Involving Humans

The Ethics Commission does not replace the Ethics Commission of the Belgian Federation of Psychologists, which proposes a general reference code for the practice of the profession of psychology.
After identification, UCLouvain students can consult the course notes, Ethics of Psychological Practice (Jean-Marc Hausman), available on Moodle:

Missions of the commission

- Elaboration of a list of RECOMMENDATIONS
- Advice on research projects and possible problems encountered

Instructions for use

Requests for research projects and opinions are made electronically through documents under the section "Tools ans references".

Different forms are available depending on the nature of the request.

- If the research involves patients or healthy persons for investigations that require the collaboration of health care personnel (doctor, nurse, specialized technicians, etc.), the request must be sent to the Cliniques Saint-Luc Hospital-Facultaire Ethics Committee. The same applies to projects in the field of clinical psychology. See the "Procedures" section.

- If the research project is in its preliminary phase, not allowing the procedures used to be defined and the free and informed consent of participants to be sought, the application must use the commitment forms for thesis or dissertation projects. This is typically the case for requests addressed to the F.R.S-FNRS for the financing of scholarships, mandates or equipment several months before the possible obtaining of this financing.

- If the project is successful and the research is almost ready to begin with a favourable opinion from the ethics commission, the documents intended for the commission are proposed under the heading "Application for approval of a research programme". This project may involve a series of experiments related to the same theme.

- Other requests for opinions may be sent by ordinary mail (electronic version for confidential distribution within the committee).