Tenure track (or tenured) full-time position in Psychology of Physical Activity

UCLouvain invites applications for a tenure track (or tenured) full-time position in Psychology of Physical Activity

Application deadline: November 15th, 2020

Starting date: September 1st, 2021

Job description



The successful candidate will carry out research activities in the field of psychology of physical activity in relation to health and well-being, including participants with a wide range in terms of age, levels of physical activity, and mental and physical health problems.

Research work may also focus on psychosocial and environmental factors at play in the practice of physical activity, on psycho-physiological tools and measures, the effectiveness of interventions including body-psycho techniques, and the effects of revalidation processes on psychological and physical well-being.

UCLouvain provides a favourable environment for the development of collaborations with scholars specialized in health psychology and motricity sciences, whose expertise is complementary and potentially in synergy. Bridges can therefore be built between research on the impacts of physical activity and other research projects already developed at IPSY, focused, for example, on: stress management at all ages, mental health, psychopathologies, (including depression, addiction behaviour, etc.), typical and atypical child and adolescent development, cognitive functions, such as attention or inhibition, maintenance of skills in ageing people, physical and somatic health of patients with chronic diseases, analysis of the psychological profiles of sportsmen and women, possibly at high level, and the implementation of performance support strategies.

UCLouvain also supports applied research in partnership with actors in the field of the psychology of physical activity and/or sport leading to prevention and intervention programmes targeting mental and physical health. Thus, professional experience in this field represents an additional asset for the candidate.


The successful candidate will initially teach 90 hours per academic year, mainly in the field of physical activity psychology and psychomotricity, related to health and well-being, for bachelor's and master's students in psychology, physical education and physiotherapy, as well as in rehabilitation.

At the end of the probation period, courses related to prevention and intervention in health psychology, general psychology and methodology in psychological sciences may be considered.


The successful candidate will:

  • be responsible for teaching courses at all study levels (i.e., undergraduate and postgraduate) as well as in programs in continuing education;
  • supervise the final diploma research (i.e., theses) of undergraduate and graduate students as well as PhD theses;
  • be involved in (and/or supervise, promote) research programs;
  • be available to carry out, in the long term, different service activities and take on responsibilities within the University and its entities;
  • contribute to the international visibility of the University through teaching and research excellence;
  • contribute to activities of the University with a societal impact in the fields of the economy, socio-cultural changes or cooperation with developing countries.

General conditions

Required qualifications:

  • Having a PhD in psychology or a comparable discipline
  • Report on a prolonged study period abroad or having substantial experience outside his/her institution of origin;
  • A scientific experience recognized by international publications;
  • Experience in and ability in university teaching, demonstrated if possible, by formal assessments;
  • Ability to work as part of a teaching team and to integrate research findings into teaching;
  • Creativity and openness to pedagogical innovation and interdisciplinarity;
  • Have the qualifications to carry out high-level scientific research: ability to raise research funding, manage projects, lead and manage a research team;
  • Have team management and communication skills, including, if possible, a mastery of the spoken and written French and English languages. Otherwise, you will be asked to acquire them within two years of taking up the post, in order to be able to communicate and teach in these languages. Knowledge of other languages is an additional asset.

Presentation of the University, Faculty and Institute

The University

UCLouvain is one of the oldest universities in Europe and provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary and multicultural experiences. Building on almost 600 years of experience, UCLouvain is today at the forefront of innovation and excellence in education and research. The university has more than 30,000 students of 126 different nationalities, and a staff of about 5,800 collaborators. UCLouvain is responsible for the education of nearly one out of two French-speaking university students in Belgium. It participates in international university networks (Coimbra Group, FIUC, FUCE, The Guild, and Circle U) and has partnerships with many top institutions around the world. International experience is part of the quality training that is provided by the University (https://uclouvain.be).

At UCLouvain, governance is shared between institutes in charge of research, and faculties in charge of teaching.

The Institute

The Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY) covers four wide research areas:

  • Social behavior, work and society
  • Clinical and health psychology
  • Psychological development and education
  • Cognition and neurosciences

The Institute gathers 279 members, including 47 teaching and research professors, 109 PhD students, 23 postdocs, 13 staff members, and many external researchers and collaborators. The Institute provides researchers with personalized assistance and support in editing, statistics, ethics, access to a participant pool, budget and project management, as well as large laboratory space, including specialized hi-tech labs (for more information, see (https://uclouvain.be/en/research-institutes/ipsy).

The faculty

The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences offers high quality teaching by researchers who are recognized at an international level for their scientific competence. Regular assessment of the teaching contributes to continuous improvement of teaching methods and course content. The Faculty offers many facilities to students, including libraries, learning centers and computer rooms (for more information, see https://uclouvain.be/en/faculties/psp).


The level of recruitment (appointment to the rank of lecturer or professor) will be discussed if a proposal is made to you, in relation to your previous academic experience. For more information, see: https://jobs.uclouvain.be.

Our HR policy supports equal opportunities and diversity within all categories of staff, including in the academic career. Attention is also paid to work-life balance.

Practical Information

Application deadline: November 15th, 2020

Relevant information concerning the recruitment policy at UCLouvain can be consulted at https://jobs.uclouvain.be.

Additional information regarding the position can be obtained from the Dean or the IPSY President at the following email address: PsychologyFacultyJob@uclouvain.be


Human sciences sector

Faculty in psychology and education (PSP) (https://uclouvain.be/fr/facultes/psp)

Psychological sciences research institute (IPSY) (https://uclouvain.be/fr/instituts-recherche/ipsy)