Author is a polyvalent software allowing a large diversity of image analyses, adapted to clinical routine.

Current version: 6.4.1


Application examples


  • Measurement of cardiomyocyte area

5 µm paraffin section of heart - WGA-rhodamin staining

.zvi image acquired in epifluorescence (AxioImager.z1) - x40 objective

Comparison with manual quantification:

  • Number and area of lipid droplets

5 µm paraffin sections of white and brown adipose tissue - HE staining

scan of whole section (SCN400 scanner, .scn image)

  • Immunostaining quantification


5 µm paraffin section of uterine fibroma - survivin IHC

TMA scan (SCN400 scanner, .scn image)

automated exclusion of borders and artifacts