ImageJ is a free softwarebased on JAVA language, developed by the NIH and broadly used by the scientific community. Numerous plugins and macros are available and allow to perform custom operations.


Application examples

  • Nuclear counting

Endothelial cells - caveolin/Connexin/DAPI IF

.zvi image acquired in structured illumination (AxioImager.z1/ApoTome) - x40 objective

  • Analysis of fluorescence staining intensity

Cardiomyocytes - OGT/alpha-sr-actinin/DAPI IF

.zvi image acquired in structured illumination (AxioImager.z1/ApoTome) - x63 objective

Red area quantification above a threshold (within cell, nucleus, cytoplasm)

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  • Analysis of the distance between lysosomes and nucleus

Tumor cells - LAMP1/WGA/DAPI IF

.zvi image acquired by structured illumination (AxioImager.z1/ApoTome) - x40 objective

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  • Assembly of a mosaic of overlapping individual images (MosaicJ  plugin)

Reconstitution of a section of mouse heart (Rhodamin-WGA staining) from images acquired in epifluorescence (AxioImager.z1)

Useful plugins and macros:

LOCI Tools (opening of several image formats)

Cell counter (manual counting of several cell types)

Angiogenesis analyzer  (analysis of cellular networks)