Brightfield whole slide imaging


SCN400 slide scanner   

The whole slide scanner SCN400 displays the following specifications:

  • 384 slides capacity
  • Brightfield
  • Non aqueous mounting medium
  • Magnification 5x - 10x - 20x - 40x
  • Image format .scn
  • User guide SCN400 


  • Visualization:

- Thanks to a centralized storage and to the web platform , it is possible to virtually navigate in the scans from any computer (PC or Mac).

User guide Cytomine (short starting user guide)

- Scans can also be viewed with the free viewer ImageScope.


  • Image analysis software: Author (Visiopharm) available at 2IP


Each new user has to be trained. When you schedule your first acquisition, please contact the 2IP logistician to make an appointment..