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May 6-7, 2019

The Marketing for Scientists workshops introduce scientists, engineers, and doctors to fundamental techniques from the business world, like sales, branding and relationship building. These fast, paced, interactive programs, led by Dr Marc Kuchner, an astrophysicist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and author of a book titled Marketing for Scientists, show how in today’s world marketing can be a positive, even healing force that will help you get more science done.

Learn how to get your ideas across more vividly, win more support for your work, and shape the public debate while maintaining your integrity and building your reputation in the scientific community.

Info and registration:

Registrations are on a first-come, first-served basis, so register early!


May 6, 2019

Interactive workshop for a large group (max. 100 participants)

Audience: Health Sciences Sector PhD students and postdocs

Fee: free of charge (kindly sponsored by SSS and IREC)



Modern marketing for scientists

Many scientists know they need to market their work, but what does that really mean? Here participants will learn about marketing, sales, and branding: what those words mean in the business world and what they mean to us scientists. The group will invent brand names and logos and talk about how to start a conversation about your work. How can you “sell” something without losing your credibility? What is even better than an elevator speech?


Coffee break


Talks, figures and proposals

The old cliche is that your science talk or your proposal should “tell a story”. But what does that really mean? Here participants will learn about telling a story using text and figures, and some concepts from the new field of neuromarketing; the three kinds of figures every scientist needs, tips for a TED talk, and the Star Wars formula for how to give a colloquium.


Walking lunch


Personal branding

What is your personal brand? Big science in the news and branding through archetypes. How to get a really good letter of recommendation.


Internet marketing for scientists

Before you enter today’s competitive job market or apply for your next grant, you will want to kick your internet presence in high gear. But where to start? The black hole of blogging? The time sink of social media? This lecture will help you harness the web to share your science with your colleagues, your funding organizations and the public, while avoiding some of the web’s many pitfalls. We will discuss Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogging, Email Marketing, Citizen Science, and basic marketing strategies that will help you in all aspects of your career. Bring your laptop: we will get some of the work done it real time so you can get right back to unlocking the secrets of the universe – with more love from your colleagues online.


May 7, 2019

One-day training for a small group (max. 20 participants)

This is a focused workshop for a small group of scientists who want to practice and improve their sales and presentation skills. Participants will prepare and give two short talks and receive individual feedback and video recordings of themselves.

Audience: Health Sciences Sector PhD students and postdocs

Fee: 60€



Introductions and basic speaking skills

A public speaking checklist and some warm-up drills from improv comedy.


Practice Talks and Feedback Session I

Each participant will give a short (4-6 minute) practice talk, telling a personal story with no slides. The other participants and the instructor will provide feedback, using the checklist.


Walking lunch


Visual materials

We will discuss what makes a good slide, and critique one another’s slides and “Jenny Craig” figures.


Sales Bootcamp

Participants will practice the art of starting conversations about their research.


Practice Talks and Feedback Session II

Each participant will give a short (5-7 minute) scientific presentation using slides. The other participants and the instructor will provide feedback.


Wrap Up

A fun quiz to reinforce the basics.