Our research topics


Epidemiological toxicology

  • Evaluation of health risks of chemicals - P. Hoet ... more


Experimental toxicology

  • Toxicology of (nano) particles - S. van den Brule, C. Pavan, L. Perez and D. Lison
  • Immunopathogenic responses to (nano)particles - R. Leinardi, L. Hiéronimus, C. Longo and F. Huaux


Applied pharmacology

  • Cystic fibrosis treatment : “From bench to bed” - T. Leal ... more
  • Medical toxicology : from toxicity mechanisms to medical management - P. Hantson ... more
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring : a multidisciplinary approach for precision medicine - P. Wallemacq ... more
  • Pharmacogenetics - J. De Greef, L. Belkhir, L. Elens and V. Haufroid