Acute Medicine

Bruxelles Woluwe



The "acute medicine" thematic includes different areas of research related to the three professions representing acute medicine: anesthesiology, emergency medicine and intensive care. Our main research work is dedicated to clinical research through original local or multicentric international studies, both sponsored by academia or industry.

The areas we are addressing are:

  1. Improvement of the understanding of sepsis
  2.  Pulmonary embolism and new anticoagulants
  3. Improvement of the perioperative management
  4. Cardiovascular and hemodynamic failure
  5. Better protection of the lungs in critical patients
  6. Acute intoxications

Most researchers in this group belong to international collaborative groups. The challenges of this research area focusing on patients with acute diseases are to develop basic research aspects, to participate in the early stages of new drug development and to include patients outside of business hours.