Our research groups

Bruxelles Woluwe

The EDIN pole is composed of four teams directed by Prof Sonia Brichard, Patrick Gilon, Jean-Christophe Jonas and Jean-Paul Thissen, the Service of Endocrinology and Nutrition at the Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc headed by Prof Dominique Maiter, and the Service of Endocrinology and Diabetes at the CHU Dinant-Godinne UCL Namur directed by Prof Julian Donckier.

Fundamental research (Physiology and pathophysiology)

  • P. Gilon and J.C. Jonas: Pancreatic hormones and type 2 diabetes
  • J.C. Jonas: Subcellular oxidative stress and type 2 diabetes
  • S. Brichard: Adipokines (adipose tissue hormones), obesity, type 2 diabetes, and muscular dystrophy
  • J.P. Thissen: Hormonal regulation of skeletal muscle mass and muscle atrophy

Clinical research:

  1. D. Maiter: Pituitary tumors and diseases of the adrenal glands
  2. Vasoactive peptides in cardiovascular diseases and the metabolic syndrome
  3. M. Hermans, V. Preumont: New approaches in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
  4. J.P. Thissen: New approaches in the treatment of obesity
  5. J.P. Thissen: Hormonal factors and cancer cachexia in humans