Bruxelles Woluwe

December 17th

9h00-10h20 First session
Moderators: Laurent Bultot (CARD) & Natacha Fourny (CARD)


1. POILVACHE Hervé (NMSK)                     Synergistic effect of an enzymatic solution with multiple classes of antibiotics against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) biofilms in an in-vitro model relevant to prosthetic joint infections
2. ORIOLI Laura (EDIN) Impact of changes in muscle secretome on type 2 diabetes remission induced by bariatric surgery
3. OCTAVE Marie (CARD) Pharmacological ACC inhibition decreases thrombin-induced platelet aggregation by a mechanism independent of lipid content
4. VANDER LINDEN Catherine (FATH)                       Pre-challenge with 3-bromopyruvate renders MCT4 inhibition synthetically lethal in cancer cells

10h20-10h40 Coffee Break.

10h40-12h00 Second session
Moderators: Laurent Dumas (FATH) & Alice Marino (CARD)

Sponsor Talk (Promega)

5. COHILIS Marie (MIRO)                              Comparison of various dual-energy CT calibration methods for proton SPR estimation in animal soft tissues
6. DONTAINE Justine (CARD) A new possible way to reverse cardiac hypertrophy development: the inhibition of O-GlcNAcylation
7. SAWADOGO Salam Difference in the distribution of blood group phenotypes between blood donors and other population sub-groups or the « universal blood donors and recipients » concept bias
8. WAUTIER Delphine (NMSK) Aseptic loosening and lucent line under the tibial base plate in primary total knee arthroplasty: origin and evolution, a new understanding approach


December 18th

9h00-10h20 Third session
Moderators: Laura Ferté (CARD) & Ana Barragan Montero (MIRO)

1. PETTINARI Matteo (CARD)    Annular dynamics and not diameter, predict later tricuspid regurgitation after mitral valve surgery: results from a prospective randomized trial
2. BLACKMAN Marine (FATH) Characterization of the metabolic control of brain metastasis in breast cancer
3. NACHIT Maxime (GAEN) Non-invasive detection of myosteatosis predicts NASH in the context of metabolic syndrome and obesity
4. VAN GOETHEM Nina (EPID)        The added value of viral genomic data for predicting the severity of influenza infection

10h20-10h40 Coffee Break

10h40-12h00 Fourth session
Moderators: Matias Ramirez (CHEX) & Cécile Dufeys (CARD)

5. DIERGE Emeline (FATH)  Cancer cell addiction to fatty acids in tumor acidic compartment supports a link between dietary lipids and cancer progression
6. D’ABADIE Philippe (MIRO) Antireflux catheter improves tumor targeting in liver radioembolization
7. PLANTÉ-BORDENEUVE Thomas (PNEU)                     The pIgR-IgA system: A new player in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?
8. HUYGHE Nicolas (MIRO) Interim analysis of the avetuxiri trial : Avelumab combined with cetuximad and irinotecan for treatment of refractory microsatellite stable (MSS) metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) – Correlative study with immunoscore
9. TRIAILLE Clément (RUMA) Comparison of paired synovial biopsies shows conserved T cell organization across joints from the same RA patients.

12h00 CorSci presentation and Award Ceremony


The Award committee
Alice Marino (CARD), Cécile Dufeys (CARD), Laurent Dumas (FATH), Laura Ferté (CARD), Natacha Fourny (CARD), Matias Ramirez (CHEX), Ana Barragan Montero (MIRO) and Laurent Bultot (CARD)