Research and development

Bruxelles Woluwe

The research and development in acute medicine focus on six areas:

  1. Improving the understanding of sepsis, the inflammatory response of the organism following a microbial attack.
  2. The pulmonary embolism and new anticoagulants, particularly challenging in case of hemorrhage or in the perioperative period.
  3. Improving the perioperative management by analgesic techniques (neuromuscular blocking), by monitoring the coagulation and by teaching using simulations.
  4. The cardiovascular and hemodynamic failure by analyzing the endothelial dysfunction and myocardial depression during sepsis.
  5. A better pulmonary protection of critical patients, mainly those with acute respiratory distress syndrome, by analyzing the impact of oxygenation on bronchial cells.
  6. Assessment of the room left for innovative treatments in the case of rare acute intoxications threatening the patient's life.