Geometry and mathematical physics

Team members

Thibaut GROUY

Research topics

My research concerns the following fields: the theory of symmetric spaces, harmonic analysis, non-commutative geometry and mathematical physics. I am particularly interested in the interactions between curvature and the theory of deformations in a non-formal setting.
My current work has three main directions. First, I develop geometric methods essentially coming from symmetric spaces and from representation theory with the aim of obtaining non-commutative spaces in the sense of A. Connes by non-formal quantization in a framework of operator algebras. An important tool is a generalization to solvable Lie groups of the deformation method of M.A. Rieffel for the actions of $ {\ mathbb R} ^ d $.
Second, in the context of semisimple symplectic symmetric spaces, I study certain applications in harmonic analysis of quantization by covariant deformations. Third, through collaborations with physicists, I consider, in the context of $ C ^ \ star $ - algebras, the problem posed by the definition of non-commutative D-branes in a string theory evolving in a curved space-time, such as a locally anti-Sitter causal black hole.

P. Bieliavsky


Representative publications


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