GREG: Research Group on Geriatrics & Gerontology


Geriatric Medicine: managing care for older people in a public health perspective

Geriatric medicine focuses on preventive, clinical & social aspects of illnesses in older people and is a hospital-based specialty. However, in the context of an ageing population with frailty and vulnerability, the scope of geriatric medicine is broader than medical aspects and is most concerned with community care, psychological, social and ethical aspects, and organization of care. Promotion of health, autonomy and quality of care for older persons encourages geriatricians to close collaborations with many disciplines including gerontology, new technologies and biology. These specificities of geriatric medicine strongly support its implantation in the Institute of Health & Society (IRSS) and in Louvain4ageing . Main research axes are assessment of frail older persons and quality of medication prescription, to provide tailored care.

Team:  Benoit Boland, Pascale Cornette, Isabelle De Brauwer, Marie de Saint-Hubert, Sophie Jassogne, Florence Potier, Didier Schoevaerts, Anne Spinewine

Ongoing projects