Continuity of care, service coordination, and collaboration

IRSS Bruxelles Woluwe

RESPOND : Improving the Preparedness of Health Systems to Reduce Mental Health and Psychosocial Concerns resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic

European research project carried out in 8 European countries. Study of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent containment policies on the mental health of the general and specific vulnerable populations, including frontline health workers.
The MHSR group is co-responsible of a Work Package about how mental health is set on the agenda of covid-19 policies of European countries, in close collaboration with the London School of Economics. The group also conducts an implementation study of a self-help and problem management intervention for frontline workers in long-term care facilities in Belgium, and contributes to an international comparison of studies on the impact of covid-19 on the mental health of the general population.

- Vincent Lorant (Principal Investigator)
- Pablo Nicaise et Pierre Smith
- Katharina Sebeer, Audrey Delaire

Funded by: European Commission (Horizon 2020) 2020-2023
Coordinateur: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Pays-Bas)
Partners: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Espagne); Universitá Degli Studi di Verona (Italie); IRSS-UCLouvain (Belgique); London School of Economics (Royaume-Uni); INSERM, Paris (France); Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm (Suède); Deutsches Resilienz Centrum, Mainz (Allemagne); Fundació Sant Joan de Deu, Barcelone (Espagne); Regione Lombardia, Milan (Italie); Universitá Degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (Italie); Charité Universitätsmedizin, Berlin (Allemagne); University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australie)

EVADRUG : Evaluation of the Belgian Drug Policy

The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug-Addiction (EMCDDA, Lisbon) recommends all EU member states to evaluate their drug policies. Such an evaluation framework is lacking in Belgium, due to the many sectors involved (policy, prevention, care and risk reduction, enforcement and justice, research and epidemiology) and to the complexity of responsibility sharing between level of authorities.

In this context, EVADRUG aims to identify the logic models  that underlie the Belgian drug policy, and to conduct a processual evaluation of the policy. The evaluation considers possible deviations between the logic models and their implementation, the barriers and facilitators of this implementation, and the current needs to address. The research project will contribute to formulate recommendations for future policy orientations in terms of content, but also with the aim to facilitate and improve evaluation of future policies.

Team :
- Pablo Nicaise
- Vanessa Makola

Funded by: BELSPO, Belgian Federal Scientific Policy 2019-2021
Partners: Universiteit Gent, KULeuven, Trimboos Instituut Utrecht (Pays-Bas).

COFI – Comparaison des cadres politiques, des structures, de l’efficacité et du coût-efficacité des approches fonctionnelles et intégrées de continuité des soins de santé mentale (2014-2018)

Team :
Vincent Lorant (Principal Investigator)
Pablo Nicaise (Chercheur Principal)

Funding : Commission Européenne (FP7)
Partners : IRSS-UCLouvain (Belgique), Technische Universität Dresden (Allemagne), Universitá Degli Studi di Verona (Italie), Institut de Psychiatrie et de Neurologie, Varsovie (Pologne), King’s College London (Royaume-Uni)

Publications :

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