Methodological tools for public health

IRSS Bruxelles Woluwe

The main goal is to quantify health problems and build evidence on how health determinants influence health systems.  It seeks to develop methodological tools to assess the impact of diseases, to gain a better understanding of the determinants and inter-related factors influencing health, and to develop health information systems.

"The public health impact of congenital toxoplasmosis and cytomegalovirus infection in Belgium"
Oct 2014 - Oct 2018

Team: Suzanne Smit PhD, Niko Speybroeck, Pierre Dorny, Edwin Claerebout (prom.)
More information: Suzanne Smit

"Agent-Based modelling as a multifactorial risk assessment of Schistosomiasis spread in Europe"
0ct 2016 - Oct 2018

Team: Niko Speybroeck, Tine Huyse, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Pierre Dorny
More information: Niko Speybroeck 

"Tick-borne diseases in Belgium: identifying and communicating disease burden (HUMTICK)"
November 2015 - November 2019

Team: Niko Speybroeck (Resp.), Laurence Geebelen, Dr. Katrien Tersago, Dr. Tinne Lernout, Prof. Herman Van Oyen   (WIV-ISP)
More information: Laurence Geebelen