Nurse sciences


Groupe de contact "Sciences Infirmières" F.N.R.S.
Leader: Magali Pirson (ULB)
More information: Marie Dauvrin (IRSS)

The contact group was created at the instigation of the researcher nurses of UCL. It includes researcher nurses of the three French speaking universities of Belgium: UCL, ULg and ULB.

Short-term objectives:
Federate researchers from the French speaking community of Belgium by clarifying who is doing what in nurse xciences: between researchers within the country but also  at national and international  levels.

Research axes:

- Work towards the development of a common vision (and therefore a common language) for researchers from French-speaking Belgium; Increase the  visibility and promote research in nursing sciences and disciplines, whether it is in research areas, practice settings or civil society.

- The research group Nurse Sciences has a 5-year plan in order to play a facilitator role  for the research (such as the recruitment of the participants, the knowledge of  databases and the dissemination of the results and its implementation)

- Become a reference and influence group for all issues related to nursing research,  nursing profiles progress, training schemes and the future of the profession

- Be recognized  in its role  by the public authorities, the practicionners and all the players from the same discipline.