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March 2022

Riepenhausen, Antje ; Veer, Ilya M. ; Wackerhagen, Carolin ; Reppmann, Zala C. ; Köber, Göran ; et. al.
"Coping With COVID: Risk and Resilience Factors for Mental Health in a German Representative Panel Study"
Psychological Medicine, 01 March 2022

Rousseaux R. et Malengreaux S. (2022). Promouvoir la santé en temps de crise sanitaire - Partie 1 : Capitalisation d’une concertation de crise. Woluwé-Saint-Lambert : UCLouvain/IRSS/RESO, 32p.

Rousseaux R. et Malengreaux S. (2022). Promouvoir la santé en temps de crise - Partie 2 : Capitalisation d’initiatives bruxelloises de prévention de la COVID-19 et de promotion de la santé déployées en temps de pandémie durant l’année 2021. Woluwé-Saint-Lambert: UCLouvain/IRSS/RESO, 97p.

Wyper, Grant M. A. ; Devleesschauwer, Brecht ; Mathers, Colin D. at al.
"Years of life lost methods must remain fully equitable and accountable (correspondence)"
European Journal of Epidemiology (2022)

February 2022

Vanessa Gorasso, Geert Silversmit, Marc Arbyn, Astrid Cornez, Robby De Pauw, Delphine De Smedt, Ian Grant, Grant M A Wyper, Brecht Devleesschauwer, Niko Speybroeck
"The non-fatal burden of cancer in Belgium, 2004-2019: a nationwide registry-based study", BMC Cancer. 2022 Jan 13;22(1):58.

Laurence Geebelen, Tinne Lernout, Katrien Tersago, Sanne Terryn, Joppe W. Hovius, Arieke Docters van Leeuwen, Steven Van Gucht, Niko Speybroeck & Hein Sprong
"No molecular detection of tick-borne pathogens in the blood of patients with erythema migrans in Belgium", Parasites & Vectors volume 15, Article number: 27 (2022)

Anne-Catherine Dubois, Magali Lahaye, Isabelle Aujoulat
"From research ‘on’ to research ‘with’ children about their family lives: A scoping review of ethical and methodological challenges", Child: care, health and development, First published: 02 December 2021

Kai-Sen Huang, Ding-Xiu He, Qianlan Tao, Yan-Yan Wang, Yong-Qiang Yang, Biao Zhang, Gang Mai & Debarati Guha-Sapir 
"Changes in the incidence and prevalence of ischemic stroke and associations with natural disasters: an ecological study in 193 countries", Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 1808 (2022)