Le parti Chez Nous

Biard, B. Le parti Chez Nous. In Courrier hebdomadaire n° 2579-2580,  55 p., 2023. Reference : CH2579-2580 ISBN : 978-2-87075-317-0 



While the far right has remained marginal in Wallonia for many years, a new political party is currently attempting to establish itself: Chez Nous. Its goal is to make an electoral breakthrough in the southern part of the country during the June 9, 2024 elections. To achieve this, it relies in particular on the support it has received since its creation from the Vlaams Belang (VB) and the French Rassemblement national (RN).

Analysis of the ideology advocated by Chez Nous confirms the party's anchoring in the far right of the political spectrum, as a populist radical right or national-populist formation. While Chez Nous intends to respect the forms of democratic play, its positioning is based on an unequal perspective of society and a nationalist project, as evidenced by its positions on identity and migration issues. Furthermore, the network maintained by Chez Nous in Belgium and abroad is primarily composed of parties, movements, and personalities advocating an extreme right-wing ideology.

These various elements explain the mobilization that Chez Nous has faced since its inception, whether within civil society, the trade union world, or the political sphere. In 2023, several Walloon cities declared themselves "antifascist" through the adoption of motions. The intense mobilization against Chez Nous, coupled with the principle of the media sanitary cordon observed in French-speaking Belgium, has consequences for the new party.

Published on January 16, 2024