PhD and Post-Doctoral Research


Jean-Baptiste Farcy

Jean-Baptiste Farcy

I graduated from law school at UCLouvain in 2014. Then I completed a LLM in international economic law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London) before joining the Odysseus Network. In 2016, I started a PhD on economic migration under the supervision of Sylvie Sarolea. In my research, I’m looking at the added value of EU law and policy in the regulation of labour migration.

Francesco Gatta

Research interests cover the legal and operational measures adopted by the EU in response to the so-called refugee crisis, with a specific focus on the principle of solidarity in migration-related matters and its practical implementation. In this framework, peculiar attention has been devoted to the topic of legal avenues to access international protection in EU.  

- EU asylum & migration policy;

- Migration & solidarity;

- Legal avenues to access international protection in the EU.


Hélène Gribomont

Hélène Gribomont

The subject of my PhD is the administration of the proof in the asylum procedure (determination of the refugee status), in particular when asylum seekers invoke harmful traditional practices as a basis for their application (female genital mutilation, forced marriage, domestic violence). On the basis of a study of case law on the subject and the practical difficulties faced by decision-makers, I try and propose ways of improving for a decision-making in adequation with the psychological, intersubjective, interrelational, contextual and intercultural realities of asylum seekers.

Christelle Macq

Christelle Macq holds a master's degree in law and has been an assistant at the UCL in criminal law and procedure since September 2016. Prior to that, she worked for six years as a lawyer at the Brussels bar. In 2017, she started a Phd thesis on the interaction between criminal law and migration law under the supervision of Sylvie Sarolea et Marie-Aude Beernaert. As part of her doctoral research, she analyses the legislation at the intersection of criminal law and migration law and the issues raised by their adoption and their implementation.    

Emmanuelle Neraudau

Alfred Ombeni Musimwa

My PhD thesis focuses on migration partnerships at various levels of cooperation between African countries and the European Union. I study their compliance with international and regional human rights law, before considering them in the light of the institutional and legal openings offered by the Global Compact for migration and its potential to transform this migration cooperation, more respectful of the human rights of migrants.