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Bruxelles Woluwe

Selected publications

- Véronique Préat -

  1. Bastiancich C, Bianco J, Vanvarenberg K, Ucakar B, Joudiou N, Gallez B, Bastiat G, Lagarce F, Préat V, Danhier F.
    Injectable nanomedicine hydrogel for local chemotherapy of glioblastoma after surgical resection.
    J Control Release (2017) 264:45-54
  2. Schleich N, Po C, Jacobs D, Ucakar B, Gallez B, Danhier F, Préat V.
    Comparison of active, passive and magnetic targeting to tumors of multifunctional paclitaxel/SPIO-loaded nanoparticles for tumor imaging and therapy.
    J Control Release (2014) 194:82-91.
  3. Danhier F, Ansorena E, Silva JM, Coco R, Le Breton A, Préat V.
    PLGA-based nanoparticles: an overview of biomedical applications. J Control Release (2012) 161:505-22.
  4. Danhier F., Feron O., Préat V.
    To exploit the tumor microenvironment: passive and active tumor targeting of nanocarriers for anti-cancer drug delivery.
    J Control Release (2010) 148: 135-146.
  5. Zhao M., Bozzato E., Joudiou N., Ghiassinejad S., Danhier F., Gallez B., Préat V.
    Codelivery of paclitaxel and temozolomide through a photopolymerizable hydrogel prevents glioblastoma recurrence after surgical resection.
    J Control Release (2019) 309: 72-81.

- Rita Vanbever-

  1. Vanbever R., Loira-Pastoriza C., Dauguet N., Hérin C., Ibouraadaten S., Vanvarenberg K., Ucakar B., Tyteca D., Huaux F.
    Cationic nanoliposomes are efficiently taken up by alveolar macrophages but have little access to dendritic cells and interstitial macrophages in the normal and CpG-stimulated lungs.
    Mol Pharm. (2019) 16: 2048-2059.
  2. Patil H.P., Freches D., Karmani L., Duncan G., Ucakar B., Suk J.S., Hanes J., Gallez B., Vanbever R.
    Fate of PEGylated antibody fragments following delivery to the lungs: Influence of delivery site, PEG size and lung inflammation
    J Control Release (2018) 272: 62-71.
  3. Guichard M.-J., Kinoo D., Aubriot A.-S., Bauwens N., Gougué J., Vermeulen F., Lebecque P., Leal T., Vanbever R.
    Impact of PEGylation on the mucolytic activity of recombinant human deoxyribonuclease I in cystic fibrosis sputum.
    Clin Sc. (2018) 132: 1439-1452.
  4. Luo T., Loira-Pastoriza C., Patil H.P., Ucakar B., Muccioli G.G., Bosquillon C., Vanbever R.
    PEGylation of paclitaxel largely improves its safety and anti-tumor efficacy following pulmonary delivery in a mouse model of lung carcinoma.
    J Control Release (2016) 239: 62-71.
  5. Loira-Pastoriza C., Todoroff J., Vanbever R.
    Delivery strategies for sustained drug release in the lungs (invited review).
    Adv Drug Deliv Rev. (2014) 75: 81-91.

- Gaëtane Leloup - Julian Leprince -

  1. Randolph L. D., Palin W. M., Leprince, J. G.
    Dental Composite Materials for Direct Restorations, Editors: Miletic, Vesna (Ed.), Springer 2017
    Chapter 2: Composition of Dental Resin-Based Composites for Direct Restorations
    Chapter 6: Developing a More Appropriate Classification System for Modern Resin-Based Composite Technologies
  2. Leprince, J. G., Leloup G., Hardy C. M. F. The guidebook to molar endodontics, Editors: Peters, Ove A. (Ed.), Springer 2017
    Chapter 7: Considerations for the Restoration of Endodontically Treated Molars
  3. Randolph L. D., Palin W. M., Bebelman S., Devaux J., Gallez B., Leloup G., Leprince, J. G.
    Photopolymerization of highly filled dimethacrylate-based composites using Type I or Type II photoinitiators and varying co-monomer ratios
    Dent Mater. (2016) 32: 136-48.
  4. Randolph LD, Palin WM, Leloup G, Leprince, J.G.
    Filler characteristics of modern dental resin composites and their influence on physico-mechanical properties.
    Dent Mater. (2016) 32:1586-1599.
  5. Vanacker J., Viswanath A., De Berdt P., Everard A., Cani P. D., Bouzin C., Feron, O., Diogenes A., Leprince J. G., des Rieux A.
    Hypoxia Modulates the Differentiation Potential of Stem Cells of the Apical Papilla.
    J. Endod. (2014) 40: 1410-1418.
  6. Leprince J. G., Palin W. M., Hadis M. A., Devaux J., Leloup, G.
    Progress in dimethacrylate-based dental composite technology and curing efficiency.
    Dent Mater. (2013) 29: 139-156.

- Anne des Rieux -

  1. Carradori D, Labrak Y, Miron VE, Saulnier P, Eyer J, Préat V, des Rieux A.
    Retinoic acid-loaded NFL-lipid nanocapsules promote oligodendrogenesis in focal white matter lesion.
    Biomaterials (2019), In Press.
  2. Beloqui A, Brayden DJ, Artursson P, Préat V, des Rieux A.
    A human intestinal M-cell-like model for investigating particle, antigen and microorganism translocation.
    Nat Protoc. (2017) 12:1387-1399.
  3. Carradori D, Eyer J, Saulnier P, Préat V, des Rieux A.
    The therapeutic contribution of nanomedicine to treat neurodegenerative diseases via neural stem cell differentiation.
    Biomaterials (2017) 123:77-91.
  4. Viswanath A, Vanacker J, Germain L, Leprince JG, Diogenes A, Shakesheff KM, White LJ, des Rieux A.
    Extracellular matrix-derived hydrogels for dental stem cell delivery.
    J Biomed Mater Res. A (2017) 105:319-328.
  5. De Berdt P., Vanacker J., Ucakar B., Elens L., Diogenes A., Leprince J.G., Deumens R., des Rieux A.
    Dental Apical Papilla as Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury.
    J Dent Res. (2015) 94:1575-1581.

- Ana Beloqui -

  1. Xu Y., van Hul M., Suriano F., Préat V., Cani PD., Beloqui A.
    Novel strategy for oral peptide delivery in incretin-based diabetes treatment.
    Gut (2019) In press.
  2. Shrestha N., Bouttefeux O., Vanvarenberg K., Lunquist P., Cunarro J., Tovar S., Khodus G., Andersson E., Keita Å.V., González Dieguez C., Artursson P., Préat V., Beloqui A.
    The stimulation of GLP-1 secretion and delivery of GLP-1 agonists via nanostructured lipid carriers.
    Nanoscale (2018) 10:603-613
  3. Xu Y., Carradori D., Alhouayek M., Muccioli G. G., Cani P. D., Préat V., Beloqui A.
     Size effect on lipid nanocapsule-mediated GLP-1 secretion from enteroendocrine L cells.
    Mol Pharm. (2018) 15:108-115.
  4. Beloqui A., des Rieux A., Préat V.
    Mechanisms of transport of polymeric and lepidic nanoparticles across the intestinal barrier.
    Adv Drug Deliv Rev. (2016) 106:242-255.
  5. Beloqui A., Solinís M.A., Gascón A.R., del Pozo-Rodríguez A., des Rieux A., Préat V.
    Mechanism of transport of saquinavir-loaded nanostructured lipid carriers across the intestinal barrier,
    J Control Release (2013) 166:115-123.