Defended theses

Bruxelles Woluwe


Sophie Hiel

“Interest of native inulin in the modulation of dysbiosis and metabolic alterations: experimental approach and nutritional interventions in humans”.
Director: Nathalie M. Delzenne and Jean-Paul Thissen


Francesco Suriano

“Impact of bran-derived prebiotics on host health: in vivo and in vitro approaches”.
Director: Nathalie M. Delzenne


Plovier Hubert

“Role of intestinal NAPE-PLD on energy homeostasis, glucose metabolism and gut microbiota on the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes”.
Director: Patrice D. Cani.

Catry Emilie

“Role of the gut microbiota in the control of cardiometabolic risk”.
Director: Nathalie M. Delzenne.


Geurts Lucie

“Impact of the gut microbiota on the adipose tissue-endocannabinoid system: role on the development of obesity and associated inflammation”.
Director: Patrice D. Cani

Leclercq Sophie

“Role of the gut micriobiota and inflammation in the physiological control of psychological disorders in alcoholic patients upon withdrawal”.
Director: Nathalie Delzenne