Seminar of the doctoral school in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences

Bruxelles Woluwe

January 13, 2020

Presentation of the new thesis projects

  • Hafsa AMERAOUI (BPBL/LDRI): “Contribution to the study of oxysterols in inflammatory bowel diseases: from their quantification in patients to the study of their properties in vitro and in vivo.”
  • Chantale FARAH (REMA/LDRI & MIRO/IREC): “Imaging metabolic plasticity in melanoma: relevance of combining metabolic modulators with BRAF or immune checkpoint inhibitors.”
  • DE SOIR Steven (FACM/LDRI & Military Hospital Queen Astrid): “Phage-Antibiotic Synergy for the Treatment of biofilm related infections on Orthopedic implants (PASTOR).”
  • Emilia HOSTE (PMGK/LDRI & LTAP/IREC): “Toxicokinetics and muscle-related toxicity of atorvastatin in vitro.”
  • Paola PAONE (MNUT/LDRI): “Studying and modulating mucosal-gut microbiota interface: impact on the pathophysiology of obesity, diabetes and cardiometabolic disorders.”
  • Perrine SAVOYEN (CMFA/LDRI): “Design and synthesis of peptide macrocycle inhibiting LDHB.”
  • Justine VAN DE VELDE (FATH/IREC): “Is there a metabolic control of liver-specific metastasis in pancreatic cancer?”