Overview of technologies & applications technologies

Bruxelles Woluwe


Mass spectrometry analysis:

  1. Mass spectrometry detection
  2. High resolution accurate mass spectrometry
  3. Molecular formula determination
  4. Mass spectra data analysis


  1. HPLC
  2. UPLC
  3. GC

Spectroscopy :

  1. UV-Vis spectrophotometry
  2. Fluorescence spectroscopy


  • Full MS, low or high resolution
  • MSn experiments, low or high resolution
  • LC-MS analysis, qualitative and quantitative
  • GC-MS analysis, qualitative and quantitative
  • Metabolite identification
  • UV-Vis and fluorescence (excitation or emission) spectra

Some routine analyses are performed in the various research groups linked to the platform:

  • Quantification of bioactive lipids in biological matrices [PDF][PDF][PDF ]
  • Identification and quantification of natural products in complex mixtures [PDF][PDF][PDF ]
  • Quality control of plants and plant extracts (agreed laboratory from the Belgian Federal Agency for Drugs and Health Products: AFMPS)
  • European Pharmacopeia methods
  • Fatty acids analysis [PDF ]
  • Analysis of essential oils [PDF ]