Quality control and analytical validated methods development

Bruxelles Woluwe

The last part of our research is to develop and validate analytical methods to identify and quantify natural compounds in complex media (crude extracts, cells, biological fluids…).

Analytical methods are useful:

  • To control the quality of plant preparations
  • To increase the yields and/or the quality of productions by studying the effects of growth/cultivating/harvesting conditions on the active molecules contents of plants.
  • To analyse the mode of action, resorption and/or metabolisation of natural substances or derivatives
  • To find methods to eliminate toxic compounds and find less toxic accessions.

Methods to identify by LC-MS and quantify several types of bio active molecules by GCFID, GC-MS, LC-UV or LC-MS in crude extracts (particularly alkaloids, mono-, di-, triterpenes, steroids, rotenoids and flavonoids) were developed and validated in collaboration, for LC-MS, with MASSMET platform. We also developed a model to predict and analyse metabolic stability, identify metabolites  from pure compounds and quantify anti-angiogenic hemisynthethic products in blood.

The laboratory is also officially agreed (by the Federal Agency for Medicine and Health Products) for the quality control of drugs.