Welcome to Sonia Collin and her team

At the beginning of this year, we have the great pleasure to welcome Sonia Collin's research team within the LIBST.  Sonia leads the brewing and food industries laboratory (INBR) and studies the chemical and biochemical synthesis pathways of flavors, as well as their stability and retention in beer, chocolate, wine and honey.  In addition, she is interested in the structure and properties of new antioxidants.


Sonia's team includes Etienne Bodart, Cécile Chenot, Patrice Locht, Antonin Lomartire, Celso Lorenzo, Marc Maudoux, Carlos Silva Ferreira, Margaux Simon and Eloi Thibault de Chanvalon.


Their integration within the institute is a great opportunity for the food/nutrition sector.  Indeed, the research developed by Sonia and her team is consistent with the "nutrition" themes of the LIBST, with expertise (chemistry - food chain) complementary to the "health" aspects developed by the BNTE group or to the "metabolic" aspects of other LIBST researchers.  It will facilitate the building of fruitful collaborations between our teams.


Welcome to this new team!


Published on January 17, 2020