Yvan Larondelle got a Bioengineer degree (1983) and PhD in agronomical sciences (1989) (UCL). He made a postdoctoral training at the Institute of Genetics (1989-1990) (University of Köln, Germany). He went then back to UCL where he worked as research coordinator in the laboratory of clinical molecular biology (1990-1992). He is Professor at UCL and member of a research unit in nutritional biochemistry since 1992. At the University of Louvain, he is one of the co-founder of the interdisciplinary initiative “Louvain4Nutrition”. He works in close collaboration with several universities in Europe and in developing countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Peru, Vietnam). Since 2009, he owns a title of “Doctor honoris causa” from the Federal University of Para, in Brazil. In 2016, he has received an official recognition by the Vietnamese government for his commendable contribution to the agricultural and rural development of the country. In Belgium, he is Vice-president of the Walloon competitiveness cluster “Wagralim” since 2006 and member of the Royal Academy of Belgium. He has also been Dean of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering of UCL (2013-2016).

The research team headed by Prof. Yvan Larondelle focuses its efforts on the development of foods with higher nutritional quality and/or increased chemical safety, the final goal being to improve consumer's health. He is the co-author of more than 170 articles and reviews in international journals.