Program 2020 (September - December)

October 16, 2020
Jahed Ahmed (PhD Day 2020) – F. Chaumont, promotor
Aquaporins and facilitated membrane diffusion of hydrogen peroxide and cations in plant cells


October 23, 2020
Sebastian Worms (PhD Day 2019) – P. Soumillion, promotor
Selection of bioactive cyclic peptides with antibiotic-sensitizing properties

Nicola Gossart (PhD Day 2020) – Ch. Hachez, promotor
Production of triterpenes using a metabolic engineering approach in Nicotiana tabacum


October 30, 2020
Monique Ngo Njembe (PhD Day 2019) – Y. Larondelle, promotor
Effect of a three-month consumption of eggs enriched with omega-3, -5 and -7 polyunsaturated fatty acids on metabolic syndrome risk factors

Victoria Tosar (PhD Day 2020) – Y. Larondelle, promotor
Improving the quality of free-range eggs by choosing vegetal species of grassland


November 13, 2020
Marine Delsaute (PhD Day 2020) – B. Knoops, promotor
Functional consequences of homozygous p.Gln121X mutation and knockout of human peroxiredoxin-5 gene

Damien Marchese (PhD Day 2020) – R. Rezsohazy, promotor
Why have histidine repeats? Tell me HOXA1!


November 20, 2020
Bruna Teodoro Junqueira (PhD Day 2019) – F. Chaumont, promotor
Unraveling the role of the enigmatic Zea mays PIP1;1 aquaporin

François Tyckaert (PhD Day 2020) – P. Morsomme, promotor
Study of the endocytic mechanism of the tumor marker CD166/ALCAM: a new clathrinindependent cargo


November 27, 2020
Jason Chirakadavil (PhD Day 2020) – P. Soumillion, promotor
Harnessing the power of evolution through large chromosomal libraries - from antibiotic resistance to antiviral peptides

Gol Dorrazehi (PhD Day 2020) – P. Soumillion, promotor
Conversion of a DD-peptidase into a beta-lactamase, an impossible evolutionary trajectory?


December 4, 2020
Cécile Chenot (PhD Day 2020) – S. Collin, promotor
Better knowledge of dual hops for a better utilization in late and dry-hopping

Adrien Knoops (PhD Day 2020) – P. Hols, promotor
The CovR environmental sensor orchestrates competence bimodality in salivarius streptococci


December 11, 2020
Didier Blommaert (PhD Day 2019) – I. Donnay, promotor
Pro-AKAP4 concentration in horse spermatozoa: a promising marker of stallion sperm quality

Mégane Poncin (PhD Day 2020) – D. Alsteens, promotor
Influence of the PRDX5 redox state on inflammation